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GEM, Gail Elizabeth Ministries, was founded by the inspiration
and leading of The Holy Spirit. 


GEM Ministry was birthed expressly to bring healing, deliverance, hope, restoration and salvation to the broken, the wounded, the abused, the bound, and the lost; through the mediums of  public speaking, preaching, Talk show broadcast, ' Spoken Word Poetry, and Inspirational fiction and non-fiction books and novels.


In addition the ministry reaches many through YouTube broadcasts,  weekly website blogs, and Facebook, Instagram posts.

The founder, Gail Elizabeth, has lived through,  and been delivered from,  mental abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse,  physical abuse,  and domestic  violence.  She is  FREE! and God has commissioned her to help others  to be free, through her testimony of what God had done in her life through the Word of God, the Blood of Jesus, and the power of His name. 

GEM, Gail Elizabeth is available for speaking engagements.  She is ready and eager to spread the Gospel of Salvation, healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

GEM wants all to know that their price is far above Rubies! 

Please reach Gail Elizabeth on our contact us page located on this website.

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