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Come back to Prayer

Lord , Heavenly Father, I pray for the person reading this post who may struggle to pray. Who may not even know or remember how. The one that just thinks about it, but finds it awkward. Please draw them by Your Spirit into Your presence. Remove all fear and hesitation. Put a push in their spiritual belly/womb. A push they won't be able to resist. May they pray in the midnight hour. May they call on you in the quiet of early morning. May they pray at midday. Holy Spirit please assist them to seek your face. Lord have mercy and help then to not miss this great moment of transition and transfer. Please remove all distractions so that they can hear your voice clearly. Even now in Jesus name I pray that the Spirit of laziness, apathy, heaviness, sloth, procrastination, and hesitation will leave their mind, body and soul now in the name of Jesus! I decree that their mouths are loosed to pray, praise and worship!. The muzzle is removed and destroyed now in the name of Jesus! They will now gladly pick up the Javelin of Prayer in the name of Jesus! Restore their love of prayer and worship in the name of Jesus! Prayer is their right of passage into Your presence. I decree in Jesus name, No more hindrance in prayer, worship and devotion. No more signal interruption in prayer in the name of Jesus! They shall come boldly to your Throne of Grace. They shall not miss their season in the name of Jesus! They shall receive the destined transfer in the name of Jesus Christ

All retaliation and counter attacks, against this prayer, the one praying and bring prayed for (including their family and all that concerns them)

is cancelled now by the Blood of Jesus in Jesus Christ name! Lord thank you for answered prayer!!! Hallelujah!!

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