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We all came here with FAVOR KEYS...Our GIFTS. Our gifts make room for us and bring us before great men. That is a common favor that just about all of us posses to some degree or another. (though many do not use it as they should).

But what about that other kind of favor? The kind that has no ryme or reason. That you can't assign to a gift or ability you have, a friend you know, or any other self gratifying explanation. God's Favor...

God's Favor can flow like a river through your life. And it will continue to flow... as long as you don't block it. How do you block favor? With dissobedience, with doubt, with procrastination, through negative words, or fear. Even just thinking that it's based on your abilities, your worthiness, or what you possess (PRIDE). God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. God's Favor can't be justified. It never makes sense to everyone else. People may say you don't deserve it. They won't understand. It might make some people mad or even jealous. God's Favor aligns with grace and mercy. Neither can be bought. However, access to God's Favor comes through submission, humility and obedience... Got Favor? #Kingsdaughter2019

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