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Everything you came here with (born with) is for your generation, for this season and for this timeframe.

Period. A basketball player 150 years ago did not exist nor was there a need for that skill. Until someone created that game. Now many are born with that innate ability. Because it is for this time. A demand was created for that gift. We are equipped and gifted to address some pressing issue in society; to access and cross boundaries once thought impossible to attain; and process inner wisdom into manifested common knowledge. To meet a need that will change the world, your family, health, wealth, etc. To begin or create something that will bless generations to come. All within our appointed time. The Lord makes no mistakes. He gave you what you need and what your world will need. So don't second guess your calling. Don't trivialize your gifts or talents. The world needs what you have. That is the light God gave you to give Him Glory. Don't keep it hidden. The world needs that light. Let it shine! Let it Shine! -


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