Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Time consists of the past the present and the future. The past we have already experienced and cannot undo- the future we hope for but have not yet embraced, for it does not yet exist. And finally, we have the present, NOW, the most valuable, useful, effective, and powerful gift we have at any time. The power of NOW is often wasted by procrastination, fear, doubt, and ignorance.

NOW is as precious and endearing as a new born babies cry, and as desperate as a dying man's fleeting last breath. How many moments have we wasted?

The power of NOW is as spirited as a young boys tenacious strategic athletic efforts to win his basketball game- As momentous and congratulatory as a high school graduation; NOW. As powerful as a voting ballot; NOW. We have the power to make a change NOW. Yesterday is passed on and leaves with us valuable lessons that we must glean wisdom from. Tomorrow is not promised to us, yet tomorrow can only promise to us what we have sown today. What we do NOW will inevitably produce our future.

Every moment brings with it opportunity that can be won, wasted or lost. It is our most precious gift and yet it is most perishable. Greatness is achieved in the moment of NOW. The past and the future are out of our control, yet we spend so much of our time delving into it with worry, fear, doubt and regret. If we live every moment with purpose, love, and faith we will have no need to be cumbered about the past or fret about the future. Let the dead bury their dead. . . Without faith it is impossible to please HIM . . . .

"NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

In regards to life, in regards to time, all we have at any moment is NOW.

Live now, give now, do now, and love NOW.


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