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Interested in hiring GEM for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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GEM is passionate about reaching, lifting, and encouraging people from all walks of life, especially women.  Whether they are teenagers, middle aged, or elderly, GEM believes that if you have breath, there is hope for change and a brighter tomorrow. 

invite Gail Elizabeth to speak at your church, school, social group, or business. 

She will inspire and motivate with the miracle of her testimony. 

Please reach out to GEM Ministries at this website on our CONTACT US  page.

We look forward to working with you!

NOW THE WOMAN SPEAKS talk show host

NOW THE WOMAN SPEAKS is a 'no taboo' talk show, produced by GEM Ministry and GEM Media Productions, hosted by Gail Elizabeth. All guests are carefully selected, and have a story to tell that needs to be heard. You will laugh, cry, and often times be shocked...but always, you will celebrate their victory, and gain more faith and  hope for your own.

 Gail Elizabeth is a talented poet that writes under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. ​Her words and delivery style are  captivating and poignant. Her poetry performances will move you. You will be shifted, lifted.
Her performances goes beyond entertainment; they will reach your heart and even your soul.

Please reach out to Gail Elizabeth on our CONTACT US page for booking information.


Gail Elizabeth is a play write, director, and published author.

Her first published novel : BACKROOM ON THE HILL. is available for sale on this site under our SHOP link. This powerful novel with captivate you, inspire you, make you laugh cry and rejoice. A page turner.

Please stay tuned for upcoming releases of a collection of short stories, a collection of true and amazing testimonies, and of course, a collection of GEM'S BEST poems.  Titles not released because of pending copyright. 

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